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Congratulations COL (Ret) Tony “Titan” Thacker

Please join i3CA in extending a heartfelt congratulations to COL (Ret) Tony Thacker on his recent induction into the Army Officer Candidate School (OCS) Hall of Fame.

OCS offers intense military tactical training to help services members become commissioned Officers. Members of the OCS Hall of Fame are honored for their super valorous combat leadership, superior meritorious service, distinguished public service, superior public service and lifelong service. It was established in 1958 to honor graduates who have distinguished themselves throughout their military career. Since 1941, only about 3,000 men and women out of the 300,000+ OCS graduates have been inducted into the Hall of Fame (most posthumously for heroism during combat).

Col Thacker receives his award
COL Tony Thacker receiving his award at the 2022 Army Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame ceremony - March 4, 2022

COL Thacker’s induction for Lifelong Service honors his commitment to a life of service to the United States and to his community that began with valorous combat leadership and/or meritorious service with continued outstanding public service through volunteerism, especially in support of military service members and their families or military veterans.

He was commissioned as an Infantry officer upon graduation from Officer Candidate School Class 01-95 at Fort Benning, GA on January 25th, 1995. His 35 years of exemplary service includes 14 combat deployments around the world and leadership commands at every level. COL Thacker’s enlisted and Officer Career recognition by the Ranger, Infantry, Special Operations Forces and later in Civil Affairs, has distinguished him as a uniquely qualified officer for the most complex tasks. His highest honors include the Defense Superior Service medal, Bronze Star (6th award) and the Defense Superior Service Medal. He has also been recognized by the National Security Council's Assessment Board for the most accurate predictive analytics that were measured from 2016-2020. This is just a small portion of COL Thacker’s service history and accomplishments, but it is clear why COL Thacker is a member of the 2022 OCS Hall of Fame class.

i3CA spoke to COL Thacker regarding his induction:

i3CA: How do you feel about receiving this honor?

CT: I was humbled that an Army board would select me to be inducted into the OCS HOF. I am going in with mostly Medal of Honor recipients from World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

i3CA: Why did you decide to join the armed forces?

CT: I decided to join the armed forces so that I could protect the country and its values. We're very privileged to live in this country with the constitution and liberties that we enjoy. This requires sacrifice to maintain liberties and protect the nation. I always felt that I was serving others and willing to do what it takes to protect and preserve our freedom.

i3CA: What do you believe is your greatest achievement?

Col Thacker and Family
COL Tony Thacker with his family at the Army Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame

CT: My greatest achievement is being able to raise three wonderful children while being deployed a good amount of my career. Secondly would be serving with true heroes around me and the camaraderie we shared.

i3CA: What (or who) inspires you?

CT: My inspiration comes from soldiers at the lowest rank to the highest rank. It motivates me that we still have young men and women willing to put everything on the line for this country today. I'm also inspired by my youngest son Mark who has also decided to protect this country and is in the army today.

i3CA: How did you get the nickname “Titan”?

CT: Each unit has an affiliated name that is used in communication on the radio and to distinguish themselves. I was the commander of a unit that used "Titan" as their call sign and stayed in contact with the people who knew me at that time. I used to also have a name called “T2” but GEN Tony Thomas became the SOCOM CDR and we couldn’t both use that name lol.

i3CA is honored to have COL Thacker as a member of our team and believe that there is no one more deserving of this recognition. We celebrate your accomplishment, congratulate you on your success, and thank you for your many years of service.

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Congratulations Tony!!


A warrior through and through! We’ll deserving of this honor! Proud to call you friend and brother!!


Brian Rauschuber
Brian Rauschuber
Mar 14, 2022

Congratulations Tony...truly a well-deserved honor!! BZ!


Chyanne Thomas
Chyanne Thomas
Mar 14, 2022

Congrats, ; what a phenomenal accomplishment!

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